Festival Aftermath [Jamie/Gretel]


Jamie looked up to the woman, her accent catching her attention immediately. She stood up so that she towered over Gretel with her arms crossed. What did she want? No doubt she was he to tell her what she did wrong and say her bond with her sheep was weak. That was what everyone said.

"Rlyeh," she answered. She did not find her bond with her sheep cute. It was all part of caring for them. "The judges know nothing," she said. "Happiness is intangible and subjective." The points docked for her more natural process of bathing her flock bothered her to no end and Gwen’s comments even more. "Nobody can judge that." She looked down at Rlyeh, who kept close to Jamie’s side.

Gretel blinked, then frowned lightly, trying to remember how to say that name “What a strange name… but it’s kind of cool, it’s— exotic” She looked up at her as she spoke her mind about the judges and nodded at the end “I know, right? I thought it was an odd thing to judge… Maybe they assumed they were happy so long as they are healthy and cared for? But it’s probably different for every animal, ja?” 

She crouched down to have a closer look at Jamie’s sheep, who her own shep continued to be very curious about “She does look really healthy, her wook looks super soft… and she’s very obedient, ja? She hasn’t moved an inch away from you…”



*Smiles at her, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear* That’s good. Real good. I swear, Gretel, almost every time I come here, you find a way to impress me more. You’re learning more and more about horses and I’m glad for that. You’re taking real good care of Argo and this makes me proud.

*Blushes intently after all those words of praise*


Oh— w-wow, Danke— Vielen Dank~♪ It means a lot to hear that from you! Since you were the first one who told me— well, kind of scolded me— about this stuff!! I’ve been doing my best to follow what you said!

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Long time no see [Joe/Gretel]


Heheh, I’ll make sure to come to you if I’m bein’ bullied…

Ow, ow, head’s still a bit tender to the touch, Gret. [tries to get his hair back in order] But yeah, I think it’s better to focus on the good than the bad. Even if it is small. ‘Cause like…  you can’t let the bad stuff drag you back.

Hmm~ Please do… *narrows her eyes* … You aren’t, are you? *leans in* You can tell me if you are.

Oh! Oh mein, I’m so sorry! *laughs awkwardly, then nods* Mh-hmm, exactly! That’s why, ever since then, I’ve taken up that philosophy!~♪

Festival Aftermath [Jamie/Gretel]


Jamie looked down at Rlyeh, frowning. “This is not your fault,” she said, sitting down away from the crowd. “Who are they to judge your happiness, huh?” she gently pet the ewe’s head. “We scored well in every category, except that one…” It bothered Jamie to no end, but she held some respect for Gwen for not being petty about it. “What does she know? She never helped you into this world. Never cared for you. Never fed you. Never watched you grow.”

"Nobody will understand you except for me," she muttered, letting Rlyeh come close enough to wrap her arms around it. "You will always be better than her sheep.” And that was all that mattered, now. All that she had to cling to. That if she were against Amanda, her scores would have been higher.

But that meant she would still lose to that other woman, who entered a sheep. A perfect score? There was nothing perfect about how she raised that sheep in the slightest! Candace was here too. If these scores indicated quality, then surely she would cease their agreement and choose some other farm. I will not let that happen, she thought.

"There you go, Ari. Perfekt~♪" Gretel hummed gleefully as she finished placing the ribbon around the sheep’s neck. For the very first time entering her in any contest, she was very proud of the result, and Ari seemed quite content with her new ribbon. She imagined her bragging to Agro in her mind and giggled to herself. "Alright then, we should head home." She stroked the wool behind the sheep’s ear and beckoned with a single ring of her bell that it was time to go. 

As they were on their way out, however, the sheep suddenly drifted off, curiously aproaching the one other sheep that had entered the contest. While the older one sniffed the little one’s head, hoping for a sign of greeting, Gretel also followed after her and smiled widely at the sight of the smaller sheep. “Awww… Aren’t you the cutest thing~♪ Oh—” She was surprised to find who the owner was, though “—You’re that girl who was looking for the goddess spring, ja?” She gave a warm smile “It’s really cute, how close you two are~ It’s odd she didn’t place, she’s a really pretty one! What’s her name?” 

Guten tag! Today I brought with me the oldest sheep of my farm. Her name is Ari, and she’s been with me almost since I started… she will turn 2 very soon, in fact!

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Long time no see [Joe/Gretel]


Well, I’d sure hope you weren’t a violent person if you were a farmer! Not like, that you’d beat your animals or anything, but… yeah.

Haha, I got one of my teeth knocked out in a fight! I was ten, and it was already pretty loose… but I’m still saying’ it was because of the fight! Front tooth came in crooked.

[grins] Glad that you got better over time, though! Having at least one friend who’ll tough it out with ya makes the difference, huh?

*grins and says in a mocking tone* What? Because I know how to use tools? Haha, don’t be silly, you have nothing to fear!… I guess now I’d only punch someone if they really, really offended me… or someone I care about, like— if they were bullying a friend or something. *smirks* So now you know: if someone tries to pick on you, you come to me. *laughs airily*

Awww, but I’m sure you didn’t deserve that! *ruffles his hair and giggles* Ja, it really does! I realized it was better to focus on the good people, so I stopped caring if they mocked me *shrugs* Having someone with you helps you keep your cool, I guess…

panhikattack said: omg they were in mexico or something right?! gosh they’re having a free concert 7 hrs away on sat and i’m scared to go lmao lots of ppl…

((They were in mexico before coming here, yes! But yesterday they were right here in Buenos Aires ♥ You should go it’s worth it! ))


((AAAAAA I just got home from seeing SHINee! I am so overwhelmed… it was so great and I can’t believe it’s already passed *sigh* I don’t think I’ve ever jumped so much! it was more exercise than I do in months for sure, but each sore muscle will be worth it!

In actual rp news: I’ll probably be slow until the weekend, but I’ll keep an eye on what I owe to save it

Long time no see [Joe/Gretel]



I just didn’t want to keep quiet about it, and I’d get so mad I just— Well, you’ve seem me get really angry before, haven’t you? *laughs awkwardly* Imagine that was a lot worse when I was a kid. *nods* Ja, I know, but hey! I’m tougher than I look! Hmm about that… I’d say it was a 50-50 situation, but I was usually the one picking the fights, whenever someone teased me or said stuff about me… Hmm, let’s just say that if anyone ever tells you that you fight like a girl, you can take it as a compliment. *chuckles*

Really mad, I don’t think so. … Kinda mad, yeah. But I guess I can imagine it. [scratches his head]

Do you still fight, or did you stop doing it when as you got older?

Hmm, ja, guess you’re right… *looks down, blushing* Well— I’m not proud of this but people say I get really scary when that happens.

*shakes her head slowly* Nein, of course not… it was just a phase, Ithink. I stopped it when I felt like I didn’t need to anymore, and when people realised picking on me was a bad idea. When I had more friends and better things to worry about than being angry at people who bothered me, I calmed down, I guess *smiles, then stares off, remembering someting else* But I still knocked a tooth out of someone after that— but they deserved it. *nods* I don’t think I’ve ever punched anyone who didn’t deserve it, that’s for sure!

*Is quiet for a moment, then looks down again* … I think I just told you something kind of embarrassing, huh? *half-smiles* I hope you don’t think I’m a violent person now… I don’t think I am anymore, to be honest.

Farmgirl sleepover - day [Sara/Gretel]


"Aw, how cute! Yer speakin’ another language!" Sara giggled. "It’s nice, but I guess… well, it’s not so spectacular to me ‘cause I grew up with it." She shrugged. "It’s nice though… huh? Guns?" She frowned. "Yeah, Dad taught me when I was knee high to a grasshopper- probably seven or eight?" She laughed. "You look scared- honest, it’s for self-protection, mostly. Though, I can kill a man at twenty paces." She nodded. "Good for bears, ya know?"

"Thank you!" Sara chuckled. "Well, it’s not like I get compliments or nothin like that for ‘em. I mean… I know Bigbee only uses them in the cookin’ but the one time I asked ‘bout the quality, he said I’d get a swollen head and to get out of his kitchen.” She pouted. “And then the others mostly use them at home, too- we got a farmer’s market down in the city twice a week that I get some weird out-of-area customers. Goddess knows what they’re doing with em.”

"I don’t get it either but… it’s the way things are." Sara sighed longingly. "Would but I could, I’d change the whole damn system. It ain’t fair… ya know how much they sell a single damn turnip in Alternia? Freakin 200 G. Here it’s like… 40 G maybe." She shook her head. "Damn broke system…"

"Shh!" Panic flashed in her eyes. "I- I only do it cause it’s a way to survive, ya know? If- if all of us here played by Union rules.. Citrus wouldn’t exist. But since I’m the one they look at most…" She tightened her grip on her watering can. "I gotta be most careful. If I fall, then so do they."

"Oh." Sara nooded. "Makes sense, makes sense. Man I’m looking forward to not raking in Fall though." She giggled. "It’s such a chore!"

After some time, she’d managed to water every last crop, and check them. The sun was beginning to set, and she walked over to her friend, wiping her forehead with the back of her gloved hand.

"How’s it lookin’?" She asked cheerfully. "Ready to go in yet?"

She blushed and frowned lightly at that remark “W-what about it? Some words just slip— it happens all the time! Tch—” She shook her head, but her expression still didn’t seem entirely convinced “Nein, nein, it’s not that, I was just surprised… but I guess I’ve never really liked guns. They are kind of scary, to be fair…” She paused, then smiled lightly “But if you know how to use them that well, then there’s no reason to worry, right?”

"What? That’s really cheap! I also sell my turnips like that, sometimes more depending on how good the harvest is! That’s insanely cheap!" She raises her voice, sounding clearly indignant "Really, there should be a way for you guys to break free from that, it’s stupid! I don’t think any of the other towns I’ve visited follows those insane rules either!"

"Hehe~ come on, don’t look so paranoid all of a sudden! I won’t say a thing, silly! Ja, what you’re doing is risky but it’s not bad— Look at the horse races, for example! You told me they didn’t want you to race, but you went there anyway and won one of the races, didn’t you?” She scoffed “It’s a little out of the rules but if doing things your way you achieve things like that, they’ll see that giving your some freedom is a good decision!”

Having finished the first task she gave her, she moved on to spreading the seeds over the tiled plots of land, then waited for Sara to finish watering everything so that the work would be finished. “Ja, I think we’re done here. MMHhh—” She brough her arms up and stretched her arms and back. Then, she walked over to where she had left her backpack and picked it up “I’m ready! guide the way~♪”

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