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» {@Gretel&Lloyd}


[Blinks] … [Decides to leave out the comment on her using big words] … You are correct. On both points, I suppose…

[Purses his lips briefly, the sigh that follows coming as an indication that he has words for her— ones that aren’t so biting like he’s accustom to thoughtlessly spewing] Well. [Adjusts the frames of his glasses] Depends on what you presented. Realistically speaking, not everything you make will be good. [Moves his book from his lap to the table] Accept it. Move on. Such is the way.

*She purses her lips and frowns, not quite angry, but not entirely pleased with that answer, even though she has to admit it’s nicer than usual* I-I know that… but it was just as good as any other dish I presented to the other contests! They just thought it was ugly because it was a crumble cake… but that’s how it’s supposed to look! If it had been people who knew anything about cooking the score wouldn’t have been so low! *she sighs heavily and slumps her shoulders* Oh, whatever. You’re right… and I’m just boring you with this, aren’t I? *rests her chin atop her palm and smiles with a hint of bitterness* You’re not even here to cheer for me and here I am, bugging you. 

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» {@Gretel&Lloyd}


[Finds a stopping point and rolls his eyes, snapping the book shut in one hand; deadpans:] Yes. I am aware

[Leans forward on the table, resting his chin in his palm; gives her an expectantly skeptical look]

And you’re telling me all this because…?

*Frowns, then turns her face away, lifting her chin with an offended huff* Because I thought you should know that I would have won if those prissy spoiled brats hadn’t been here! *turns to him again* I am sharing my indignation with you, that’s why! I know you don’t care for festivals but this gives the Bazaar good reputation, you know? *she huffs again* Hmph, can you believe? They gave me such low scores! 5, 4— 2!! *her lower lip quivers* My cooking isn’t worth that little!… is it?

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I got lucky at the bazaar.

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*After the cooking contest is over and the results have been announced, she is wandering about the festival grounds. As glad as she is for Marian, she still can't forget those judges' insolence, she can't help being angry. Suddenly, she stops on her tracks as she spots him, sitting alone at a nearby table, and without a moment of hesitation she makes her way there and takes a seat in front of him, beginning to stare with a small smile, waiting for him to -hopefully- make the first move*


[He’s kept to himself pretty much all day, reading quietly at table on the outskirts of the event with little else to do; he’s only there to support Marian, after all] [Doesn’t see her approach until Gretel is actually sitting opposite himself] … [Notices her starting from his peripherals; continues reading, regardless, until he flips the page and feels up to acknowledging her] 


  Hello, Gretel

*She responds to the greeting with a short, spontaneous giggle and a big grin, visibly amused* Hehee, hallo, Lloyd~♪


You must be here to cheer for Marian, ja? She made it to the top 3, despite everything… *she huffs, and her smile becomes much more bitter* The judging was preposterous. A bunch of rich kids who knew nothing of cooking… tsk! It was a joke!

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» Welcome to the club of hurt prides



"Hmm, I guess you’re right about that… but it never hurts to have a little tact now and then, hehee~” Laughs and listens, giving another short laugh at the end “Hehee, you kind of remind me of someone I know. But ja, this contest just became a joke… I refuse to feel bad about my work because some prissy rich kids say so!” Lifts her chin with a huff.

"I won’t sugar-coat their shortcomings," she replied. "They will not take you seriously, if you do that." She cocked her head at the shorter woman, when she said she was reminded of someone she knew. "Is that right?" She doubted this person was anything like her.

"I don’t plan on it either. If they enter a cooking contest, I will be the judge and show them how it’s supposed to be done."

"You know, come to think of it… I never considered being a judge in one of these contests. It’s technically open to anyone, ja? But I guess that means I couldn’t cook… Hmm, tough choice…" She frowned and pouted slightly, looking thoughtful for a moment. Then, finally, she shrugged "Maybe one day… But the idea of getting them back that way is just evil~ I like the way you think." She giggled, then offered her hand with a grin "I’m Gretel, by the way, good to meet you!"

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*Skips into the cafe, looking bright and cheerful as she hums to herself. When she sees Marian, she immediately waves and greets her in a singsong tone* Guten Morgen, Marian~♪ How are you today?~



[looking up from the table she’s at, where she’s laying out and smoothing down a clean table cloth]  Oh…!  Good morning, Gretel!  I’m doing great today…[the pleasant smile on her face growing] and I would guess you’re doing even better…congratulations on placing first at the Bazaar!~ I know I wouldn’t have done that well if I’d just come back from a little vacation.

[Hm, what could she possibly say to that? She didn’t think, at all, that Gretel sounded ungrateful, or unhappy in the slightest - and she didn’t know too much about rivalries, as she never really cared too much about that aspect of the bazaar.  Still, Gretel needed to hear some sort of positive spin on the experience]  Yes, I’m sure it would have been more fun if Lloyd had been there, so you could rub it in his face~ [Giggles a little, but thinking, please Gretel do not tell Lloyd I saidthat!]But at least you know now that you’re capable of placing first, that must count for something?

[going to the counter and coming back with a menu]  Did you want anything today? …I was about to make myself some tea, and I’ll share it with you, if you’d like.  You could tell me about….you just visited your home in Germany, right? 

*Gretel blinks, surprised, but still keeping a smile* Oh! Well ja, there’s that too, hehee~ That’s the most fun part of winning, right? *she laughed* Ja, you’re right! It really was a great way to return home!

*Takes the menu and takes a quick look, just to double-check her choice* Hmmm actually… *hands the menu back* I think I’ll have some milk tea and a slice of sponge cake if you have any~ *She beams instantly, as soon as Marian mentions her trip* Oh, ja! There’s not a lot to tell but we can definitely catch up. And I’d love to hear what you’ve been doing while I was out too!

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O-OH! Well at least Marian made it to the top three! Ja, this is good! This will bring the town some good reputation!

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» Whisper Whisper [Marian/Gretel]



Danke, Marian! I think your dish looks wonderful too!~♥

Oh ja, I was just thinking that… *mutters* They don’t quite look like culinary experts, do they?


No, but I think they’re certainly experts on judging. [smiling back at Gretel in a knowing way]

Oh they sure are, they sure are! *smiles back* Too bad judging without knowing isn’t worth much, hehee~

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