कार्य सत्यभाषणं करोति || {Gretel&Lloyd}


The realization of how badly he wants out of these clothes doesn’t hit Lloyd until her hand is moving across his back. The way the fabric peels off his skin and resettles, cold and damp, fuels the physical disgust prevalent in the front of his mind. It feels like he’s melting beneath a heat lamp. And so, once he feels the weight at his side dissipate, he rolls onto his back and sits up, rubbing at his eyes. His fingers fumble around, looking for a hem to pull at, finding a valid reason to stand and tug the garment over his head. That, like everything else, is discarded onto the floor. 

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She instantly places a hand to her mouth to cover an ever growing grin, before remembering he probably cannot see more than a blur of pink in front of him. It is impossible to avoid, seeing as he is obviously making such a big effort to continue looking as menacing as usual, only to fail completely, at least in her eyes. Truly, she cannot help but find it slightly endearing.

Of course he isn’t going to play easy, she thinks, her smile not dimming for a second as she somehow makes room for the bowl of ice water on the nightstand, and then moves on to aproach the man, confident that he still feels too stunned from the fever and the lack of sight to defend himself. She takes hold of his arm, in a much more gentle way than she had done on their way there, and tugs first, beckoning him to follow, then eventually leads him all the way back to the bed. “Come on, lay down…” She mutters, releasing her grip as soon as she is sure he knows where the bed is and that he won’t fall on the floor if he tries to sit down. As hilarious as that would be, and she really did pictur it in her mind, she deems it unecessary. She can steal his glasses and play a prank on him any day, there are other priorities now.

After squeezing the excess water, she removes the hair covering his forehead and presses the cold cloth against it. “Your head will hurt less if you stop frowning, you know?” Being so confident in his short sight, she forgets that her tone is easily giving away her smile. “You don’t need to be so tense. Just…” She idly brushes some more of those rebellious strands of hair away from his face. “Just try to relax now, mkay?”

Farmgirl sleepover - day [Sara/Gretel]


"I don’t reckon mine’s too cute," Sara said, suddenly self-concious. She remembered the first time she’d gone out with her friends in the city, how one guy had just stared at her the minute she’d opened her mouth. Like she was… different. And not in the good way.

It was heartwarming how angry Gretel was on her behalf- it was nice to know that someone cared. So many of the farmers she’d met recently had been so understanding and… pissed on her behalf.

It made her sorta happy.

"It makes me mad too," She admitted with a rueful smile. "And maybe one day things can change but till then… thank you." She chuckled. "I wish I knew how to explain but I’m thankful ya care so much." She shook her head. "Oh no, feel free to complain- I do it too, sometimes, though the horses ain’t ones to have conversations with- so long as no suits are snoopin’ ‘round ya can talk long as ya like."

"Really?" Sara blinked. Not often did people find her little home impressive. Often, they were confused about if they’d landed on an old movie set or something- it was rather backwater. "Thank ya- ah so yer used to them, huh? How’d ya get ‘em to stop chewing on yer stuff cause right now Butterball is all over my things- watch it, miss!" She said sharply as the white puppy bounded over. Koro, by contrast, stayed back and stared at them dolefully. "Ya don’t chew on the guest’s things, hear?" She turned her attention back to Gretel. "See. I used carrots for a bit when I could get ‘em but she’s…"

Picking up the wayward pup, she showed off her mouth, which was faintly orange.

"Ya’d have thought they’d be nice enough to give me a dog I couldn’t stain," She joked, setting the dog down. "An yeah, just follow me over here- ya can take the bed on the left, it ain’t used right now." Patting Pete’s bed, she walked over to her own and knelt before the chest at the foot. "I just gotta get my things and we can head over."

"What are you talking about! Your accent is adorable!” She retorted, her tone sounding like she was scolding her even if she was saying a compliment “I said all of them are cute and that includes you! Whoever doesn’t think so is an idiot! Hmph!”

She sighed and accepted her thanks with a small smile “Don’t be silly, it’s just natural. We have to look after each other, us farmers… Maybe we should all start our own union, to protect ourselves from people like them!… I don’t know how a union is supposed to work but— we’ll figure it out!” She gave a wide grin to finish.

"Well… I try not to leave anything where they can reach" She replied, calmly watching as Sara handled the pup until she showed her the dog’s tinted mouth "That— I’ve never seen that before. How— exotic. But getting her something to chew on isn’t a bad idea… mmmaybe get her some toys from the pet store next time instead. I think some dogs do these things to let out steam or anxiety so… lots of exercise will help too.  Just be firm in telling them what you don’t want them to do, even if you feel bad for having to scold them. They’ll notice if you’re not being serious. It could be a phase too, you now? Puchi, my first dog, was doing it when I first got him, but when he grew up a little he eventually stopped."

Gretel nodded and followed right after her, glancing about the bedroom in a similar manner than she did the main room. It was small, yes, but something about it was nice— homely perhaps? “That’s right, you’d told me about your partner…” She tossed her backpack on the bed, opened the big zipper and got out a clean set of clothes, including her nightgown. This was supposed to be a sleepover, after all, it didn’t hurt to get comfy early on. And after a dip in those famous hot springs, she was sure she was bound to feel all warm and relaxed. ”Alright, I’m ready! just lead the way when you are~♪” She hummed, shifting her weight between her toes and heels anxiously.

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February 2014

Quill Bromeliad

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*laughs* Hey, a little tough learning doesn’t hurt! And look how far you’ve come. I may have been rough at first, but now it all paid off. That’s the whole point of learning. Just don’t let your victory get to your head. There’s always a possibility that you’ll lose.

Haha, nein, nein! *She waved her hand side to side dismissingly* You’re totally right, I would’ve done the same… I do that sometimes ((mostofthetime)) when I see someone that’s doing something I know is wrong or bad for them, you know… So I totally understand why you scolded me for that. 

*nods, looking determined* Ja, of course! There’s still training and improving to do, it would be boring otherwise! … T-that… doesn’t mean I’m not really proud right now, hehe~ I think I’ll just enjoy the moment a little more~♪

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Farmgirl sleepover - day [Sara/Gretel]


"It’s cute~!" Sara giggled. "Nine… nyein? Oooh, I can’t do it!" She nodded. "Yeah, when I was a kid… I was sorta scared of them- the loud noise, ya know? It really hurt my ears but after I saw… we had a mountain lion come down one time and it…" She faltered. "A-after that, I begged Dad to let me shoot."

"It is! And until I left here to travel I had… no idea." She shook her head. "All this time, I thought ends weren’t meeting because I wasn’t trying hard enough but in the end… it might not have been my fault after all." She flinched. "B-breaking free? I- I’m not so sure that’s a good idea…" They could talk big all they like but in the end… everyone was scared shitless of the Union. They practically owned Citrus- probably did, if anyone was brave enough to read the bylaws and town charter. "I don’t want to stir the water…"

"They still don’t know," Sara admitted ruefully. "And I hope they never do. The minute they find out, it’s all over. So…" She shrugged. "As great as that race felt… I dunno if we’ll do it again."

"Right this way!" Sara grabbed the tools and led her back onto the main farmland. "We’re passing the bath house now, but we’ll be right back to it. Gotta grab my night clothes, after all~" She hummed as she unlocked the door, flicking the light on to flood the small farmhouse with light. "Mine the dogs, Butterball’s real nippy. She likes toes."

"Hmph, of course it’s cute!" Gretel scoffed and turned her head to purposely fling some hair away from her face, her expression smug but her cheeks bright red in joy of the compliment "Accents are super cute— and sexy. So of course mine is too~ I’m a big fan of accents, I would never get rid of mine, you know~♪" 

Her expression dropped slightly as she explained about the guns, and nodded at the end “I understand… well, I guess whatever makes you feel safe is alright” She smiled.

"Tsk, of course it’s not your fault! That’s— it’s outrageous!" She folded her arms and her frown deepened "Well, ja! Why does this place have to be the only one being— opressed by these guys?! A lot of other towns do just fine being independant— Well, Forget-me-not-valley is completely independant! And we in Zephyr only have to account for the bazaar’s goals! Nobody sets price limits for us!” She scoffed again, this time in a more angry manner “I get you’re scared though… b-but there HAS to be something that can be done!! It’s not fair that you can’t race and compete to raise your ranch’s reputation! It doesn’t even make sense— UGHhh!! these things just make me so mad!” She shook her head and sighed “I’m sorry, I’ll keep quiet…”

With a nod, she happily followed after her, carrying her big backpack along as it would be a nice chance to leave the luggage behind. Once they arrived at the house, she couldn’t help a quiet ‘ooohh’ as they entered, as she often did whenever she visited a new place. “This is nice~ And don’t worry, I have two dogs of my own back home…” She gasped and grinned as the previously mentioned dogs aproached “Hallo~♪ Oh, I should leave my bag behind and just take my clothes, right? Just take as little as necessary?”

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Festival Aftermath [Jamie/Gretel]


"If that was the case, then I should have gotten a perfect score," Jamie replied. "I already can pin one down as an unjust bias." If it was not Amanda Jamie fought with in Flowerbud, it was Gwen. There was just nothing the two could agree on and their fight after the horse races only made the bad blood between them thicker. 

Rlyeh looked up at Ari just as curiously, but did not move from Jamie’s side. “And the judges would tell you that is because she does not want to be here.” She was not going to let her believe that she won on any merit of her own. It was ignorance and poor judging ability (especially on Gwen’s part) that led to her defeat. “They are wrong.” 

"Confident in your work, are you?" She raised one eyebrow and smirked her way, with no ill-will, just teasing "But ja, it’s like you say, it’s really subjective stuff, happiness… Huh? You think someone wasn’t being fair?" She blinked, actually shocked to hear that "I don’t think so… it’s just— It was just a bad decision for the event itself to include that into the ‘things to judge’… " She put her hand to her mouth and tapped her lips for a moment, contemplating on the matter until she just gave up and shrugged "It’s too hard a thing to judge at all! I mean— How would you have judged if an animal is happy?… I know I couldn’t do it.”

Gretel looked up at her as she spoke and then glanced down at Rlyeh with wide-open eyes, examining her in her own way. “I don’t think she doesn’t want to be here… I think she looks just content being here with you. Gee, for that matter, I don’t think Ari loves being here…” She glanced over her shoulder at her own Sheep “…All animals here would probably be a lot happier spending the day grassing under the sun. But if they’ve come with us here, it’s because they feel safe with us, ja? Some of them have more fun meeting other animals and others don’t really like that…” She sighed and scratched her neck “…It really is so relative! It makes my head hurt!”

"In any case… It’s good that you’re keeping your head high despite that" She smiled "You look like you know what to keep and what to leave from a critique, heh~"



why he lick me


IT IS SAYING, “this tiny horse is very tiny but we are friends. Look at my tiny friend.”

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Festival Aftermath [Jamie/Gretel]


Jamie looked up to the woman, her accent catching her attention immediately. She stood up so that she towered over Gretel with her arms crossed. What did she want? No doubt she was he to tell her what she did wrong and say her bond with her sheep was weak. That was what everyone said.

"Rlyeh," she answered. She did not find her bond with her sheep cute. It was all part of caring for them. "The judges know nothing," she said. "Happiness is intangible and subjective." The points docked for her more natural process of bathing her flock bothered her to no end and Gwen’s comments even more. "Nobody can judge that." She looked down at Rlyeh, who kept close to Jamie’s side.

Gretel blinked, then frowned lightly, trying to remember how to say that name “What a strange name… but it’s kind of cool, it’s— exotic” She looked up at her as she spoke her mind about the judges and nodded at the end “I know, right? I thought it was an odd thing to judge… Maybe they assumed they were happy so long as they are healthy and cared for? But it’s probably different for every animal, ja?” 

She crouched down to have a closer look at Jamie’s sheep, who her own shep continued to be very curious about “She does look really healthy, her wook looks super soft… and she’s very obedient, ja? She hasn’t moved an inch away from you…”



*Smiles at her, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear* That’s good. Real good. I swear, Gretel, almost every time I come here, you find a way to impress me more. You’re learning more and more about horses and I’m glad for that. You’re taking real good care of Argo and this makes me proud.

*Blushes intently after all those words of praise*


Oh— w-wow, Danke— Vielen Dank~♪ It means a lot to hear that from you! Since you were the first one who told me— well, kind of scolded me— about this stuff!! I’ve been doing my best to follow what you said!

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